Wedding Crèches

While you don’t want to offend your family and friends, you know children often get bored at weddings and then make their own entertainment! But, if you don’t invite the children, will their parents be able to attend when most (if not all) of the family babysitters are at the wedding? Then of course, there are the guests who are travelling to be with you on your special day – they won’t want to leave the children at home either …..

Here’s the simple solution! Contact Let’s Pretend and we will entertain your youngest guests while you enjoy a stress-free day!

Through experience, we realise that no two events are the same and we understand how important it is to the bride, groom, guests and even caterers that we are flexible and able to work around everyone’s needs. We can advise and assist with planning so that the children attending the wedding are cared for by fun-loving members of staff. They will be entertained in a safe, secure and stimulating environment so that your big day is as stress-free as it can possibly be.

We will work with you to tailor the best package for keeping the children entertained whether it’s supervision through the ceremony, the meal or for the full day – it’s your choice.

If you would like us in the same room as the wedding party, experience tells us that arts and crafts are often the best form of ‘quiet’ entertainment. We can supply a range of projects to keep the children busy which, once completed, can be taken home in their own special ‘favour’ bag.

If we are in a separate room, we will fill it with lots of different toys, games consoles, dressing up clothes and music, all of which will be age and stage appropriate.

We will make sure that the children remember how much fun they had at your wedding and that you, your family and friends have a memorable and carefree day.

Total flexibility is built into our range of packages – just tell us what you would like and we will strive to deliver.